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Openstack Public Cloud

Choose billing cycle:
  • Hourly Billing
    Get billed only for what you use. Hourly rates for instances and storage.
  • Internal networking
    All instances come attached to your own unique private internal network
  • Attachable storage drives
    Create a custom sized drive, and attach it to an instance to immediately use it. Can be attached/detached at will, and will persist after instances are deleted.
  • Open API/CLI
    Manage your Cloud Infrastructure from our GUI, or through API/CLi, allowing usage of scripting languages like Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and Openstack Heat
  • Multiple OS Distributions
    Comes with ready to use imsages from CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Debian
  • Firewall Rules via Security Groups
    Setup your own access rules to whitelist ports/IPs for your servers
  • SSH user is based on OS name
    Ex: login to centos with user centos and ssh key, ubuntu = ubuntu, etc..
  • Credit on account will be auto deducted based on usage
    The setup fee will be added to your accounts credit
  • Powered by AURO Public Cloud
    A fully owned and operated Canadian Public Cloud
$0.00 USD Monthly + $10.00 USD Setup Fee