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Activate Windows Server 2012 and later Evaluation Version

Server won't Reboot Windows 2012 Supermicro

Create & Migrate Existing Working RedHat / CentOS System to RAID 1 / RAID 10

Add a Static Route on CentOS

Add or Modify an Entry in a MySQL Table

Add or Replace a Network Adapter (NIC) on CentOS 6

Add Telnet to Windows

Adjust the Volume of a Raspberry Pi Using the Command Line

Allow or deny a port UFW - Ubuntu

Assign Switch an IP Address for SSH (Cisco)

Benchmark a CentOS Web Server

Can't Navigate to Microsoft Site

CentOS EPEL Error: Cannot retrieve metalink for repository: epel.

Change Default Directory for User on a Linux System

Change Default SSH Port (CentOS)

Change file permissions in Ubuntu

Change IP Address in Windows via Command Prompt

Change Your Hostname - CentOS

Configure SSH Access on Routers and Switches (Cisco)

Connect a Switch to a VLAN (Cisco)

Convert 3TB+ Disk to GPT in Windows

Copying multiple files at the same time using SCP

Create a MySQL Database Table

Create a VLAN on a Cisco Switch

Create Symbolic Link (shortcut) in Linux

Create your own HTML boilerplate script with Bash

Cron Check Free Disk Space

Customizing the bash prompt

Email Alert from a Bash Script on CentOS

Enable or Disable RDP via Command Line (Windows)

Enabling Apache Server-Side Includes on Ubuntu 14.04

Find a host through its IP address (Cisco)

Find a host through its MAC address (Cisco)

Flush cPHulk Filter on cPanel via shell or SSH

Format a Disk via fdisk (Linux)

Git Basics for Linux

Grep for files containing text

Hiding HTML File Extension in URL with Apache mod_rewrite on Ubuntu 14.04

How to Backup MySQL on Linux

How to Connect to an eSecureData KVM

How to disable startup items on Windows 8

How to disable startup items on Windows XP / Vista / 7

How to enable RDP on Windows

How to Install Webmin on CentOS 6

How to kill a process in Linux

How to open or close a port in IPTables

How to Perform a Rolling Capture in Wireshark - Linux

How to redirect an incoming connection to a different IP address on a specific port using IPtables

How to see running processes

How to Share Your Linux Terminal - CentOS

How to Use Scripts in Crontab

If-Then-Else Loop and Variables in Bash

Indented Hierarchical Listing with Tree Command on Ubuntu 14.04

Install and configure phpMyAdmin on CentOS 6

Install and configure Samba - CentOS 7

Install and Secure a MySQL Server on CentOS

Install Apache CentOS 6

Install Apache CentOS 7

Install Apache on Ubuntu 14.04

Install EPEL Repository on CentOS

Install MySQL Cluster 7.3 on CentOS 6

Install PHP and Show PHP Info

Install Postfix on CentOS

Install Python 2.7 on CentOS

Install Python 3.3 on CentOS

Install Teamspeak3 on CentOS 6

Install Ubuntu on a Software RAID Array

Install Wordpress on CentOS 6

Installing cPanel on CentOS 6

Installing LAMP on CentOS 6

Installing LAMP on Linux

Installing proFTPd on CentOS

IP aliasing - CentOS 6

Isolate Networking Issues with MTR

Keep Time Synced on CentOS 6

Keep Time Synced on CentOS 7

Linux system properties

List and Check File/Folder Size in Linux

Log rotation - Ubuntu

Manually format a disk/partition (Windows)

Manually installing a package in Linux

Mount a USB drive in Linux

Mount a Windows Share from Linux

Mount an ISO in Linux

Mounting A Hard Drive In Linux

Point Postfix to a Smart Host for a Specific Domain (Linux)

Protect your server with Fail2ban (CentOS)

Public DNS Servers

RAID Monitoring and Email Notifications - Linux

RAID Types, When to Use Them and What Each One Does

RDP for Dummies

Redirect program output to a file using bash

Remove files and folders in Linux

Replace a Faulty Drive in a RAID Array - CentOS

Reset CentOS 6 Password

Reset CentOS 7 Password

Reset Citrix XenServer 5.x Password

Reset cPanel Password from SSH (for absolute beginners)

Reset Ubuntu / Debian Password

Searching for files in Linux

Secure Your CentOS Server using SSH Keys - Linux

Secure Your CentOS Server with SSH Keys - Windows Clients

Send Mail from a Linux Command Line Prompt

Set up a DHCP Server on Linux

Set Your Timezone - CentOS

Setup an IPv4 to IPv6 Proxy - CentOS

Skip or Permanently Bypass fsck Check on Linux

SSH For Dummies

Test Your SMTP Mail Server via Telnet

Update Perl to Latest from Source (CentOS)

What's the difference between FTP and SFTP?

Where We Began

Write & Deploy Hello World in Bash

Write and Deploy Hello World in C

Write and Deploy Hello World in PHP

Write and Deploy Hello World in Python

CentOS 7/Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Switching NIC problem

Can't Connect to RDP due to An Authentication error has occurred. The function request is not supported

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